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Playoff Substitution Policy

While the league strictly enforces the 4 week minimum game playoff requirement for all players, we do understand that sometimes circumstances occur that are outside of your control. Please review the following list if you need to request a substitute player:

  • Teams may not request a sub if they still have 6 or more players available to play (ex. a team with 7 people on the roster lost their best player due to work/injury and is requesting to replace them with someone equally as good. This will not be allowed as the team is still capable of fielding 6 players);
  • Submit a request using the following webform. The information provided will be reviewed and decided upon by the league directors:
    • team name
    • missing player name
    • brief description of skill level
    • reason for absence
    • substitute player name
    • brief description of substitute player skill level

Note: Requests submitted less than 24 hours before playoffs may not be approved in time.

Emergency Substitution (Day – of)

In the event that a team loses a player to injury during playoffs, they may request a substitute player of equal or lesser skill to the player who is injured (decided impartially at the discretion of the League’s directors). The substitute will be eligible to start playing in the game following the one in which the player was injured.

Note the following:

  • The player to be utilized must already be present at the gym or able to arrive in a time frame that does not impede or delay any subsequent games/matches.
  • They can be drawn from a previously eliminated team.

Coach Substitution

A substitute for the Coach of a “Coach Team” will only be considered under extenuating circumstances and will be decided upon by the League’s directors. Coach teams are expected to be able to field a team of 6 players in addition to their coach. If a team is having difficulty finding a 6th player during the regular season, the League is available to assist in finding a replacement player. In the event that the team and the League are unable to find a 6th player during the regular season, the League may consider finding a suitable substitute for playoffs. It is important to note that the skill level of the substitute will not be based on the skill level of the coach, but rather, the average skill level of the team requiring the substitute.