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SDL Substitution Policy


While the league strictly enforces the 4 week minimum game playoff requirement for all players, we do understand that sometimes circumstances occur that are outside of your control. Please review the following list:

  • teams may not request a sub if they still have 6 or more players available to play (ex. a team with 7 people on the roster lost their best player due to work/injury and is requesting to replace them with someone equally as good. This will not be allowed as the team is still capable of fielding 6 players).
  • a team may request to use a substitute player if they are unable to field 6 players for playoffs.
  • the request will be reviewed and decided upon by the league directors.
  • in order to ensure fairness the following information will need to be provided via our online form:
    • team name
    • missing player name
    • brief description of skill level
    • reason for absence
    • substitute player name
    • brief description of substitute player skill level